A Trusted and Reliable Insurance Provider


Debbie Critchelow, Benefits Coordinator

Breckenridge County Schools

We are flattered by the warm compliments that our clients give us. It is a privilege to service so many wonderful people across our state and beyond. Read a few of the comments from many of our satisfied clients and partners.

Benefit Communicators is a wonderful company to work with. The girls are so helpful and always available when we have questions or issues. They have very outgoing personalities and always take care of business in a friendly manner.

Becky Armstrong, Administrative Specialist

Nelson County Schools

Benefit Communicators has been the third party administrator for Nelson County Schools for over a decade. They are outstanding people to work with. The staff at Benefit Communicators is always helpful and respond quickly to any questions or requests that I may have. They are constantly comparing insurances so that our employees can receive the most out of their benefits. They work to ensure that open enrollment runs as efficiently as possible each year. Just this year they implemented an electronic transfer of open enrollment changes from their system directly into MUNIS. This transfer saved me hours of manual imputing.

I feel that your district will be very happy if it decides to have Benefit Communicators as its third party administrator.

Joey Downs, Human Resources Director

Bardstown Independent Schools

I would like to talk to you about our experience with Benefit Communicators Inc. A year ago Bardstown City Schools were exploring ways to get the best possible benefits for its employees. We met with Benefit communicators who had the ability to look at all the different types of insurance plans available. They put together a package of insurance benefit products that gave our employees the best coverage at the best prices available.

The best part of dealing with Benefit Communicators was their customer service with was excellent. They took the time to meet with our employees multiple times to explain all the different plans and benefits. I fell like our employees know exactly what they are saying “yes” to and “no” to when choosing a package to meet their insurance needs.

I am very satisfied with the experience we had when transitioning from out former insurance carrier to Benefit Communicators. They made the process go very smoothly and continue to give our district and employees great customer service.

Melba Patrick, Treasurer

Allen County Schools

We have worked with Benecom Company for several years now. They have always been friendly, courtesy and helpful whenever I need them. I recommend you give them a call and let them work for you.

Katie Adkins, M&P Collections, Inc.,

Director of Human Resources

Benecom is a pleasure to partner with. We value their prompt response to communications received from our company and our employees. They also make it a priority to visit our site at open enrollment to explain Flex Spending to our employee base. We have not received any complaints about Benecom’s Flex Spending program or customer service from our employees which assures me they are doing a terrific job!

David Asher, Secretary Treasurer and Manager

Kentucky Auto Insurance Plan

We have been a client of Benecom for the last two years and have been very pleased with the personal and professional service provided by them. Their website provides our employees with up-to-date information regarding their FSA account and claims are handled quickly and professionally. Prior to going with Benecom, our FSA program was managed by a large national organization and their service does not measure up to that provided by Benecom. We are very pleased to give them our recommendation.

Wanda Burba, Vice President
Rick Daniels, Account Executive

Wells Fargo Insurance Services

We have been very pleased with the service our clients have received from Benecom. They are extremely courteous and knowledgeable and provide the information we need for COBRA; Flexible Spending Accounts; and HRA administration. We have been working with them for over 5 years and highly recommend them.

Tom Coats, Payroll

Haas Cabinet Co.

Benecom is a valued partner of Haas Cabinet Co., Inc. Benecom’s service is second to none and the personal approach taken by Tracy and her staff is much appreciated. We are able to offer a great benefit plan to our employees due in large part to the expertise of Benecom.

John Walton, H.R. Manager

Haas Cabinet Co., Inc.

We moved our FSA and COBRA administration to BENECOM five years ago due to some service concerns with previous vendors. From year one, day one, all our concerns went away because of the commitment to service and professionalism the BENECOM team brings to our relationship. We are able to focus on our business and know we have a trusted partner in BENECOM to do what they do so well…benefit administration. Today we have total satisfaction and confidence in the work they do handling these benefit areas.

Joanna Douglas, HR and Payroll Administrator

Kelsey Construction

Service is my first thought when I think of Benecom. We’re in our second year of offering a Flexible Spending Account for our employees. Tracy has been extremely prompt whenever we’ve had a question. I can always count on hearing back from her, either by phone or email, usually the same day. This has been a benefit for our employees that has been very easy to administer!

Paula S. Sharp, HR Coordinator & Payroll Specialist

Vintage Printing

When I think about working with the personnel at Benecom, I think about accuracy, promptness, kindness and closeness.

Anytime I have a question, concern or immediate need, I know that it won’t be but a matter of minutes before I receive a response. You guys are great about letting me know that you’re looking in to the “situation at hand” and you’re also great at keeping me posted on the progress of resolution to each matter (if needed).

Not only are you guys great at what you do, Tracy, you’re great at keeping up with me on a personal level. You always know what’s going on with my granddaughter and children. That means a lot and when you take the extra time to send an email to check on my granddaughter who was in the hospital, that means more than just business, it means caring and a level of compassion that can’t be found with any other company that I’ve ever worked with.

Thanks for all you do and hears to a very prosperous, great 2013!

Al Appel, CAO

Associates in Dermatology

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by the Benecom Company, and with you in particular, in the Flexible Spending Benefits handling of Associates in Dermatology.

Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other Flexible Spending Benefit companies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.

We would recommend Benecom Company and their staff as conscientious, attentive, and professional.

Williamstown Independent

I am writing this letter of support on behalf of Ms. Mary Maddox and her company Benefit Communicators Inc. Three years ago I became disgruntled with our 125 plan administrator. The lack of customer service combined with the rising costs of services pushed me to shop around and compare the offerings of others. At first I was hesitant to jump in and make a change. Williamstown had been doing business with the other company for quite some time. Looking back now, switching to Benefit Communicators Inc. may be one of the best decisions the Williamstown Board of Education has made during my tenure here. I would rate their customer satisfaction among our staff as five stars! Ms. Maddox or one of her staff members are always just a phone call away to answer questions, help with claim filing or suggest changes in order to save the staff member money. Her products are always the most reasonably priced with quick turnaround once a claim has been filed. She provides the staff of our district that individual personal service that is so hard to find these days.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of Benefit Communicators Inc. as your 125 plan administrator.

Teresa Louden, Payroll Officer

Carroll County Schools

Carroll County Schools has worked with Benefit Communicators as their third party administrator for the past 15 years. Mary and her staff are great!! They make sure that our employees have the best benefits at the best cost. Our employees trust Benefit Communicators and feel that they are part of our Carroll County family. Benefit Communicators are quick to respond to any issues or request that we may have.

Over the past year the state has implemented several new reporting programs such as KHRIS & START and as every Board of Education knows these programs do not mesh with Munis!!! Well guess what? Benefit Communicators has implemented an electronic transfer of open enrollment changes from their system directly into MUNIS and it works!!! This program has saved so much time and has cut down on mistakes that usually occur when you have to manually update.

We here at Carroll County are very pleased with Benefit Communicators and feel that your school district will be very happy with them also.