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Who We Are / Company Experience

With our strength as a family, Benefit Communicators has become a leader in the voluntary insurance market. We began operations in 1995 as a single agent with a vision. That vision has built a foundation that has brought our business to the forefront of top recognized companies offering comprehensive benefits packages. We listen first, focusing our attention of building a custom-tailored insurance package that meets the needs and budgets of our clients. Through these changing times, we will monitor your coverage and provide our honest advice on the products that will best fit your needs. We are your trusted advisor every step of the way.

High quality service is what sets us apart from the competition. Our local office staff is always available when you have a question or need assistance. Benefit Communicators believes that exceptional service avoids costly delays. No more 1-800 numbers, waiting times and multiple transfers. With our highly focused brokerage expertise and personalized service you will receive top quality attention that gets results.

Benefit Communicators utilizes our very own office staff during enrollments. Below is a list of our agents and the year they become employed to illustrate the years of knowledge and experience. Enrollments should move as quickly and smoothly as possible and with our trained in-house staff we will implementing the new products and explain the changes to each employee in a timely and efficient matter.

Mary Maddox

President/CEO, 1995

Kelli Shubert

Agent, 2004

Tracy Benson

Agent, 2005

Jennifer Krauth

Agent, 2008


  • Pink cancer ribbon in hand
    • Guaranteed Issue
    • Simplified Issue
    • Pays you money directly for cancer related illness and treatment
    • Supplements health insurance to help with out of pocket medical expenses related to to treatment
    • Available for pre-tax deduction
    • Wellness benefit for preventative cancer screenings


  • Heart shape stethoscope
    • Simplified issue
    • Pays you money directly for heart related conditions and treatments
    • Supplements health insurance to help with out of pocket medical expenses related to treatment
    • Available for pre-tax deduction


  • Dollar bills and cardholder
    • Long Term Disability (pays till 65 years old)
    • Short Term Disability (pays 1-5 years)
    • Salary protection in case of accident or illness
    • Multiple waiting periods available


  • Leg injury
    • Guaranteed Issued
    • Pays you money directly for accident related injuries
    • Supplements health insurance to help with out-of-pocket medical expenses related to treatment
    • Available for pre-tax deduction


  • Glasses on Snellen eye chart
    • Guaranteed Issue
    • No Waiting periods
    • Eye exams, Lens (including contacts) and Frame Benefits
    • Lasik Discounts
    • Large Provider Networks
    • Available for pre-tax deduction


  • Man at the dentist
    • Guaranteed Issue
    • No Waiting periods
    • Large Provider Networks
    • Orthodontia coverage available
    • 100% coverage for preventative care (twice per year)
    • Available for pre-tax deduction


  • Happy family of four
    • Universal Life
    • Term Life
    • Guaranteed Issue Products Available


  • Blurry ambulance
    • Covers out-of-pocket costs for any Emergency Ground or Air Ambulance
    • Covers in all 50 States
    • Unlimited usage
    • Covers Employee + Spouse/domestic Partners and Children


  • Emergency room entrance
    • Guaranteed Issue Coverage
    • Pays First Day Confinement
    • Daily Hospital Confinement
    • Hospital Intensive Care
    • Pays cash directly to you!